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The legislations/laws not only shape politics, economics and society in numerous ways but also serve as a social mediator of relations between people and the government.

All the legislations which have been approved by the Provincial Assembly of Punjab and enforced by the law enforcement agencies/government departments have now been made available for the general public through this portal and can be accessed by the Alphabetical listing, Departmental listing or Chronological listing.

Besides, when the assembly is in session, parliamentarians belonging to different regions having diverse political affiliations propose legislations to the house which are known as Proposed Legislations.

The listing of the current Proposed Legislations is also available for public viewing.

Feedback from users about these Legislations would be enormously beneficial for the overall legislative process as it will ensure public participation in formulation of laws having a direct impact on the public life. Please be aware of the fact that the proposed laws are being formulated for the betterment of public at large and your feedback can go a long way in bringing necessary changes beneficial to all the concerned stake holders, most importantly, the people of Punjab. 

To ensure effective participation of the citizens in the legislative processes, visitors are strongly encouraged to give feedback and comments regarding the listed/proposed laws. This feedback may include visitor’s personal opinion, suggested amendments or any other concern which could be of importance to the general public.